About Us

InterAktiv is a regional company providing consulting and implementation services in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to the SMEs sector. We are trusted by many business leaders as process experts with advanced technology knowledge in web-based and cloud-computing technologies.

Our Values

  • Integrity defines who we are and the way we conduct our business
  • Integrity is maintained and practiced at all times and under all circumstances
  • We maintain our course even in times of diplomatic sensitivity always bearing in mind the mutually agreed upon targets
  • We believe that mutual respect is fundamental for a good and successful working environment and endeavour to earn respect through our actions
  • We respect everyone’s opinion and seek to get clarification
  • We are responsible for our actions and non-actions and the consequences that comes with it
  • We practice corporate social responsibility in every thought and action
  • Creativity is the main driver for our growth and seek to cultivate it
  • We will continually incorporate new concepts
  • Freedom allows us to be creative, think freely and provides us with a much-needed balance for healthier and more productive working relationships

Consulting Methodology

  • Understand business objectives
  • Understand business environments and constraints
  • Building communities of different stakeholders and engage them
  • Identify the sales and marketing processes required to deliver the results
  • Identify the KPIs to measure performance
  • Relate the processes to the users of the product
  • Identify data capture requirements
  • Identify process automation requirements
  • Identify communication automation requirements