Enhance Sales Performance

Our framework is crafted to help businesses increase sales productivity. Start off by setting clear and concise sales-related KPIs, and align sales processes on Salesforce.

Sales teams can design better sales cycles, manage pipelines and increase pipeline visibility.

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Sales Management Framework

This feature provides visibility and performance management capabilities to the sales teams, executives and various stakeholders in the company.
Provides a holistic and insightful view of which products or services drives the revenue for the company.
Automates the calculations of commission payouts and can be configured to drive optimal selling behaviours
This process gives visibility to companies on various revenue and performance targets. We help stakeholders to plan strategies, identify leads and convert them into clients.
  • This process provides a strategic view of client performance and relationship management.
  • The customer management process determines the types of accounts, revenue distribution for annual fiscal year, and client activity status.
Generating quotation for your clients is now easier. Manage the versions and sections in one template.
This automated process ensures sales forecasts are delivered monthly or over a timeline requested by the client. Take snapshots of data, and make comparisons between reports.
  • The Invoice process generates accurate invoices in accordance with the quotation and payment is managed automatically.
  • The Payment process creates payment records whenever payments are received and are tagged to each invoice respectively. Users can be notified about the statuses of the payments