Marketing – Initiate, Connect & Engage

One of the purposes of marketing is to initiate the connection with its customers and prospects and walk the journey of making a purchase of your products or service when they are ready. Modern consumers are empowered through the use of information in the technology world in making this purchase decision and it is paramount that we engage early in their buying cycle. This has changed the way companies market their products and services to their target markets and organizations must change the way they engage customers in this journey.

To meet this challenge, we need to identify the journey map of this buying behaviour. Align it with well-defined and measurable processes to ensure a pleasurable buying journey with your brand. Finally apply technology to automate whenever possible and cost effectively to meet both the business and financial objectives.

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Marketing Management Framework

Campaign Management is a fundamental part of your business’ roadmap to Marketing Automation. InterAktiv’s framework gives you the ability to create, track and manage targeted marketing campaigns based on your campaign requisites.

  • Manage, monitor and analyse your marketing campaign’s data and performance.
  • Review your campaign statistics and ROI from kickoff to the last transaction.
  • Funnel your data vertically and start delivering relevant marketing content to your audience.
  • Sort and aggregate the number of touchpoints needed to attract more leads.
  • Generate campaign content on the fly through preset templates.
  • Build a Data management system
    • Your leads generated from Social Media, your website, and successful marketing campaigns require a safe and secure CRM ecosystem to store, manage and analyse data.
    • Turn your analysed data into actionable insights and start converting your potential customers into buyers.


  • Follow up with your leads
    • Establish a lead nurturing process that best fits your company’s bandwidth.
    • Converge all of your leads to go through the nuturing process.


  • Measure KPIs
    • Gauge the effectiveness of the lead generation campaigns
    • Optimise your lead-generation processes
Our flagship application will change the way your sales & marketing teams collaborate.  Embrace the power of Salesforce, together with our bespoke framework tailored for your business. You and your clients can finally track what is bringing in the ROI.

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