Refine Business Operations

Economy in the age of the demand generation

In a rapidly changing world influenced by social media and the hyper-connected Internet, customers make decisions, or change their minds in an instant. A CRM software is simply insufficient for customer service officers, sales managers and CMOs to keep up with all that business data.  Customers want quick and easy access to your products and services online.  By integrating CRM and ERP, your business processes will be less susceptible to errors, while you focus on your customers and improve productivity.

Automation saves Time & Money

InterAktiv’s ERP integration is designed to automate daily management, operations and business processes. Our services management framework combines your ERP with Salesforce. This enable users to manage resources planning, monitor resources & inventory through reports & dashboards.

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Services Management Framework

  • Real-time stock level visibility
  • Control your inventory replenishment
  • Monitor and execute inventory adjustments
  • Goods receiving Management Process
    • Manage receiving goods from suppliers & factories
  • Manage and sync order workflow from web store
  • Create transaction to update inventory details
  • Create Delivery Order for delivery arrangement
  • Manage confirmation of delivery upon completion
  • Handle order cancellation and refunds smoothly
  • Update and sync with inventory