Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Teng Chuan Hiang

According to an article by The Straits Times published in December 2018, there are about 2,263 charities in Singapore and still growing. This trend will exacerbate the current situation of charities competing for donation dollars. The critical question is how to beat the competition, but fortunately for BCF, the new team has decided to embark on a brand review to refresh and strengthen its brand. It is unequivocal that only a strong brand demonstrating relevance to its target audience can win in this highly competitive landscape as described earlier. This decision is most timely and appropriate to tackle the challenges and emerge stronger for the next 3-5 years.

The proliferation of information technology and consumption of information using mobile devices have created a tectonic shift of power to consumers. This trend is urging brand owners to embrace data-driven decision-making and content marketing. As we are fully aware of the labyrinth of complexities in digital marketing, and to compete effectively, we have crafted a best-of-breed solution. This solution is built using our expertise in branding strategies (Make The Change), public relations and social media (AffluencePR) and information technology (InterAktiv) with almost a century of combined experience. The real benefits of this partnership are to help BCF increase success rates by avoiding unnecessary risks and maximising every marketing dollars to achieve the desired outcomes. The result of our efforts is the strategic focus on two elements in our solution; data collection based on a content marketing framework. The proposed vital elements will be supported by an integrated technology platform to simplify processes and increase automation. This will entice the end-users as one of the key stakeholders in this project to embrace the new solution.

Our challenge is how to collate and understand consumer data. These consumer data footprints are bread crumbs left all over the place as they travel through their many journeys of engaging with brands, including BCF’s brand on the digital platforms. In our proposed solution, our first objective is to ensure proper data structure and management. Then transforming these data into insightful information to help the marketing team and management make data-driven decisions.

The other critical success factor in our proposed solution is the content marketing framework. The basis of designing this framework is the customer journeys of the different target audiences interacting with the brand based on the new brand strategy. The structure will help to categorise every content used in the web site and social media to enable better visibility on content performance. We will also introduce content performance KPIs to measure the effectiveness in terms of reach, conversion and outcomes including donations.

Content Marketing Framework

To complete the martech solution is the fully integrated technology platform. The idea behind the integration is to allow critical data to flow freely between the different systems to enable data-driven marketing. There are four main components in our integrated platform; CRM, CMS, web site, social listening tool and chatbot (Locobuzz). The benefits of a unified platform mean users can easily access data and perform tasks seamlessly across them. This solution will empower marketers to create and curate impactful content based on the data collected and be able to measure the performance.

Solution Overview

Although this is a complete solution, BCF has the option to break into its logical components and award them in parts. However, this is not a promising approach since different partnerships may not have the same effects. Having said that, the technology platform is the agnostic component that can work with any other brand of a PR agency.

This is probably the best martech solution, if not the only solution any organisation can and should implement to meet the challenges of digital marketing. Our goal is to go beyond the requirements mentioned in the RFQ and build a solution that can institutionalise knowledge, automate processes and be more capable of managing change.

Wisdom comes from experience with a profound understanding of principles and understanding the limits of capabilities and constraints

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