Content Management Framework

Teng Chuan Hiang

Content Management Framework

Managing content is most effective and efficient if you have a content management framework to follow. We have designed this framework based on a logical and well researched buyer behaviour model adopted many large organisations.

Content is king, and when it is combined with Consumer Behaviour Shift model when making purchase decisions as depicted in the diagram above, the effectiveness is multiplied. The ability to measure content performance empowers marketers to make good decisions. When this framework is integrated with the CRM system or sales processes, marketing gain complete visibility from content to revenue generation. In other words complete customer experience journey from enquiry to sales. Continuous monitoring of this process will be necessary to keep pace with the changes in buyer behaviour and consumption patterns.

Content Performance Dashboard

This is as simple content performance dashboard allowing marketers to categorise every web page based on the framework. In one glance you can see which content is performing and the conversion rates under each category. If you have a CRM or sales force automation system, we can link to the system to bring in revenue attribution to a particular page in the website. Combined this dashboard with Google Analytics, the system can deepen the understanding of web traffic and conversion.

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