Social listening content marketing

Social Listening and Content Marketing

Teng Chuan Hiang

Great marketing is creating compelling content, but how do we know what is good content to your target audience. We partner with LocoBuzz, a scoial listening and chatbot platform to engage in conversations with consumers online. Social listening can suss out trending topics that matters to your brand. It can also gather intelligence about your competitors and what is trending for them. Consumer sentiment towards different topics can be measured empowering you to gain deeper insights into what kinds of content will work to convert traffic into leads.

The primary goal of marketing is to generate leads for sales and our solution forge sales and marketing into one unified force. With the use of social listening, our marketing solution helps to address common objections and increase closing rate. At the same time lowering cost-per-lead, resulting in generating more leads for the same budget.

Word Cloud

Using the word cloud shown below gives us a good idea what words are trending out there so we can produce relevant and highly enaging content. Customer engagement is key to generating leads and creating interests. With this ability, we can advise content producers to be more specific in their intention increasing the chance to start conversations on social media and eventually generation leads.

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