Project Management

Teng Chuan Hiang

In project management, we have a saying, "you can have a baby in 9 months with one woman, but you can't have one baby in 1 month with 9 women". This means we have to give work its due process and rushing to complete a project is definitely not the way to go if we want to be successful. However, due to the nature of projects, we adopt a hybrid agile method by getting systems to testing phase fast and launch it as soon as it is ready. Being able to go live sooner and being super efficient in fixing bugs allows us to gain experience and understand usage better. This approach delivers a system closer to user requirements and is more realistic in its assumptions. Every project is executed using a tailored project management process based on best practices adapted to each client's schedule. We have to be realistic with our client's schedule in order to capture their attention to think through the issues effectively. This management approach is key to the fun part.

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